Special A-bomb Testimony on Aug. 6

Special A-bomb Testimony

We are having events named Special A-bomb Testimony on August 6th, 2010. Four atomic bomb survivors are telling you their experience directly in ENGLISH!

Special A-bomb Testimony 2010 (PDF)


August 6th, 2010. 10:00a.m.-12:00a.m.


Meeting Room No.1 in the basement of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum


Free of charge


The following four survivors who belong to HIP will speak out their atomic bomb experiences in English.

(1) Isao ARATANI

He was 13 years old, a second year student in junior high school. He was north of Hiroshima Station (2.4 kilometers away from the hypocenter). He was looking at the bomber plane when the bombing took place. He was hit by the blast and burned. He saw many victims. His class-mates tried to enter the city and they saw terrible scenes.

(2) Sumiko HIROZAWA

She was 17 years old, a shipyard employee. Her mother was injured by the bomb and returned to her house in the country side. A few days later, she entered the city to find a friend. She saw terrible scenes.

(3) Shoso HIRAI

He was 16 years old, a 4th year student in junior high school. He was north area of Hiroshima (4 kilometers away from the hypocenter.) He was safe. The day after the bombing, he entered the center of the city to look for his father and younger brother. He saw terrible scenes that look like hell. He lost his father, brother and house.

(4) Keiko OGURA

She was 8 years old, a 2nd year student in primary school. She was northern area of Hiroshima (2.4 kilometers away from the hypocenter.) Immediately after the bombing, she was able to see the dead victims with her own eyes. Everyday she watched the city center from a low hill. Some of her relatives were still missing. Her father worked to dispose of the bodies of the dead.

We are having an informal meeting after the testimonies until one o’clock. You can talk with these survivors directly.